New Truck Wrap for HUOT Electric
Jul 30 2014

A very Pleased customer just drove away in his Beatiful new Truck. Wrapped with 3M Controltac by Byron Wagner, Co Owner of Signmeister!

Sign Painting
Oct 05 2011

The Old techniques have their place, even in today's fast faced, technological Sign Shops. We took an opportunity to dust off our brushes, and sling a couple logos on a concrete wall in a parkade downtown. Go Jets!

Custom displays and graphics for Polo Park
Aug 16 2010

Custom displays & custom signs graphics at Winnipeg's Polo Park Shopping Centre. These incredibly showy and re-usable signs fixtures were manufactured and printed here at Signmeister. When you're looking for affordable quality signs in Winnipeg then just give us a call at 697.8406!

The Forks Market - Call it a wrap!
Jul 27 2010

Here's a photo of Winnipeg's The Forks tower elevator entrance on the main floor. The elevator doors, floor, and glass windows have all been wrapped with various forms of graphics to really dress it up. The final results are informative, warm, attractive, and inviting.

While you're visiting The Forks here in Winnipeg, take a look around for other colourful signs, banners, and decals produced here in Winnipeg by the skilled sign making team here at Signmeister!

Signmeister - Our NEW design & production studio!
Jul 27 2010

A little while ago, Signmeister moved our sign shop into a new building here in Winnipeg! Due to the incredibly fine compliments we've received on our brand new studio - we thought it was LONG OVERDUE to post a pic. Gotta love those new shiny wood floors! Also in this picture are a couple of our large-format printing "work horses." These huge printers are producing countless numbers of great looking signs and banners for our clients everyday!

Outdoor signage - Assiniboine Park Zoo
Jul 18 2010

Winnipeg's Assinboine Park Zoo has announced a major expansion to the Tropical House, Duck Pond, and a new Polar Bear Conservation Centre and more! We feel very fortunate to have been involved in the production of this colourful series of signs. These signs can be seen at various locations in the park - serving as highly informative signs telling of all the wonderful things to come to Winnipeg's zoo! ~ J.S.

Winter Olympics
Jul 18 2010

While you were toasty and warm this winter, Signmeister’s Master Installers were busy in early January 2010, applying graphics to the Royal Canadian Mint - 100 feet up in the air!